4D Volumetric Capturing Studio

Perfect solution for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Create Photorealistic 3D Content for AR, VR, or Film

Perfect solution for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps

Lifelike Holograms

Create an immersive experience by bringing human holograms into the real world.

No Mo-cap, No Rigging, No Mesh

Put on your costume, wear your makeup, carry your props. Everything will be recorded in the highest details.

Preserve body expressions and emotions

Experience an unprecedented sense of presence. It preserves the subject's body expressions and emotional states. You can put realistic humans into a virtual story.

Optimized For Mobile

Compressed in 3 formats: DXT1 (Desktop 20-22MB/s), ETC (Android) and PVRTC (iOS) 18 MB/s

Easy Integeration

Drop it in Unity and use it for many application: Hololens, HTC Vive, Oculus, Android (ARCore) or iOS platforms (ARKit).

360' Angle View

Walk around the holograms and view them from any angle.

Watch the making of "Flatland Tricky"

Technical Information

File Size: 18 MB/s for Mobile and 20-22MB/s for Desktop with .4DR format (average size).

Studio Capture Area: 10 x 10 feet and 8 feet height (3m x 3m and 2.5m height)

Audio Support: YES

Frame Rate: 30-60 fps

Technology: In collaboration with 4DViews

Unity Import: YES. Download the plug-in Plugin4DV_Unity_v1.6.4.zip. Watch the instruction here

ARKit Support: YES. Watch the instruction here. Note: the downloaded hologram folder must be placed under the StreamingAssets folder as shown here.

Xcode instruction: Set Deployment Target to 8.0 as minimum. Add FDViews framework to "Embedded Binaries" as shown here.

Sample Files: Download here

Device Support: iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad) / ARKit, Android / ARCore, Hololens, HTC Vive, Oculus, and more.

Studio Location: Los Angeles, California

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